Image Recognition and Computer Vision have become a very important part of Artificial Intelligence. It has broken its chains from the niche market to become more mainstream since early 2017. Here is a list of cool new ways that Computer Vision is being implemented presently:


Smarter FridgeCam uses image recognition to detect the date of expiration for products inside the fridge. And it’s accessible to everyone at a mere $100. Appliances like these are getting highly popular and prove that Computer Vision, after all, is not that expensive for future ventures too.

Self-driving Cars

The automotive industry is one of the biggest users of CV. The technology can perceive lane marks, environment, vehicle, objects, and signs on the road. NVIDIA, BMW, TESLA, AUD, VOLVO and MERCEDES-BENZ are all taking advantage of the technology to stand out.


Cameras are getting smarter day by day. With the CV technology feature, they are offering functions that we couldn’t possibly have thought being in a smartphone. FLiR systems have released several heat sensing features that can be attached to homes and offices to detect leaks etc. A startup in the Netherlands has used the technology to manage crop system from tracking location to wind turbines and power defects.

Smartphones and AR

The biggest example that combines CV, AR and smartphones is Snapchat. It uses image processing, facial recognition and facial landmark to achieve what we call filters.

Computer Vision is advancing towards a very bright future. With so many experiments being done, the technology nowadays is accessible to every person and industries are making good use of it. Let’s see what the future holds!