Augmented Reality Technology

We have been seeing many AR applications but very few of us understand what AR actually is? Augmented reality may seem very technical from a layman’s point of view but the truth is it is not that technical as many might think.

Augmented reality is the advanced technology which enables the user to view the real world covered by virtual images providing digital information. Augmented reality has been many times confused with virtual reality nevertheless AR is not VR because AR does not replace the real environment with the virtual environment. Basically, AR takes note of an existing environment then add sound and graphics to it making the experience immersive for the user.

Changing the perception of reality

With AR, the environment remains the same but is enhanced by adding the graphics that elaborate the experiences making it more engaging for the user just by using different devices like screens, eyewear, smartphones, headsets etc. To have an augmented experience, users just need to point their devices towards any object or item and the AR aided applications will do the remaining magic.

The amazing thing about AR is that users can enjoy the experience by being conscious of the world around unlike VR. This feature is facilitated by computer vision.

Processing of AR device

The data collection about user’s interaction is done by scanning cameras on the object after which it produces its 3D model.  The augmented reality devices act as computers for processing the digital content making it reliable for giving out the accurate information with the help of AR apps.

Fasten your seat belts for future rides because AR technology is just getting started and who knows what revolution will it bring in our lives.