mixed reality storytelling

The rise of MR made headlines because what is better than augmented and virtual reality together.

From small setups to large conglomerates, many business leaders are now switching to mixed reality technology and changing their content accordingly. Be it a political, charity or an event involving social cause, they can put forward people at the center. Here’s how mixed reality is expected to change business storytelling.

Deeper Character Development

When we use the word ‘interactive’ it itself opens up new horizons of opportunities. This means marketers can create way numerous story branches and quickly make deeper and meaningful back stories to lead their brand. This will be done easily since brands are going to add further ‘digital’ content in the real world. They don’t have to make separate business plans, just a good story to begin their idea, and proceed from there.

Empathy Focused Content

To understand this, we have to take an example of corporate social responsibility. Every business thought leader needs to create an experience based on actual human experience. In mixed reality, there is a need to add the element of empathy, which will allow people to not only engage but also take action.

Immersing in the Story

When an element of humans is added in storytelling, it becomes ‘their’ story, and ‘their’ version of events. This means the brands get to make firm emotional connections which eventually earns them customer loyalty. After passing this important step, entrepreneurs can focus on promoting new ideas for the brand.

Now, here’s the thing: Marketers are not picking a big screen for this purpose rather they are putting themselves out there and allowing people to get immersed in the scenario. The consumer can then virtually put themselves in a character, and make test runs. They can also simultaneously experience flashbacks or go ‘time jumps’ to predict certain events. Certainly, this is becoming something we all can look forward to!

How Mixed Reality Will Change Business Storytelling
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How Mixed Reality Will Change Business Storytelling
Read in this article that how mixed reality will change business storytelling. The rise of MR made headlines because what is better than AR and VR.
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