Driving And Augmented Reality

We have often seen navigation arrows and signs right in front of the driver in movies and racing games and till now we thought that is just a fantasy of every car lover and will remain just that.

However, that little silver lining is about to vanish with the development of sophisticated AR technology incorporated in cars. Toyota in 2016 came up with an augmented reality windshield that could display graphics and computerized text, similar to a smart phone.

We all use Navigation Maps to reach our destination and it can be a hassle, checking the map again and again. It is distracting and dangerous, but something that is at your prime target is not only helpful but also innovative. The company is still working on developing it by adding more features. One of the features would show the lane space taken up by the driver; another would show important information about speed and road.

Taking inspiration, other small companies are also coming up with several innovative ideas to incorporate in their cars. Navdy has included music information, emails, messages and caller –IDs about one and a half meter in front of the driver’s eye. The device also connects with the smartphone through Bluetooth so it gets information from the internet as well as the vehicle. The driver can mount the information by a simple sensor thumb gesture on the steering wheel.

While this is going to be expensive, it is a good solution for the drivers and a good safety measure. A lot of factors still need to be considered in order to cover all the safety regulations but the future of AR driving is not far away and we all can sense the excitement!

The Future Of Cars: Driving And Augmented Reality
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The Future Of Cars: Driving And Augmented Reality
The future is here for cars driving in augmented reality. it is a good solution for the drivers and a good safety measure. Read here.
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