Uniqlos in store neuroscience

It is extremely difficult when you have so many options in front of you, yet you can’t decide what to wear! Wouldn’t it be easy if someone made that decision for us? An app for instance… Enters UMOOD! The retail brand UNIQLO has more than 600 t-shirts available in different designs.

A lot of choices usually cause dilemma and confusion among the customers. And that is one thing every retail brand should be working on. UMOOD saw this opportunity and came up with an idea of the app that lets it decide what the consumer should wear based on their mood. This was not only fun and engaging but a life savior app too.

Isobar, a tech firm, in collaboration with Melbourne University, created UMOOD that was based on a neurological in-store shopping experience.  The consumers wore a neuro headset that showed them a series of video simulation. The responses by the consumer were analyzed in real time by the algorithm which identified their present mood. The identification ended up with a recommendation of the t-shirt they should buy. Is that genius or what!

Here is how they do it!

Uniqlo’s In-Store Neuroscience Stylist: A Digital Experience
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Uniqlo’s In-Store Neuroscience Stylist: A Digital Experience
Uniqlo designed an in-store activation using neuroscience technology to create UMOOD, helping consumers decide from 600 tshirts in different designs.
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