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EvolveAR is becoming the ultimate go-to AR solution for every brand in Pakistan. It is being used in fashion, retail, hospitality and even weddings.

AR in Pakistan has a long way to go, but a few small steps are enough to open doors for a tech-driven marketing industry. EvolveAR has all the features of a successful, entertaining app. It brings products to life right at your home. It gets you information and details with just a single click. It brings your favorite celebrities to life and gives a chance to the user to click as many photos with them as they want.

The original EvolveAR app has different sections including Scanning the VAR code, Recent scanned images of the user, Favorites marked by the user, and even Tutorial. The user can scan the VAR code placed on the campaign ads and get all the possible details. It works both on iPhone and Android so there are no limitations.

EvolveAR brought Sapphire outfits to life and helped the eastern wear brand to create an innovative brand image. The user could see all outfits from entire lawn collections on their smartphones anywhere and that too in a 360-degree view. Every detail of the outfit is visible to the customer who can then also buy the product that very instant.

Monal restaurant also stepped in and created an innovative marketing campaign. The customers could scan the code and get all the information they want. Be it a video, inside images or just a simple food order, augmented reality is the way to do it.

EvolveAR also worked out a wedding app that captures the true essence of getting married. Taking photos during weddings is one of the very important tasks that everyone loves doing. But some people can’t make it to the wedding despite everything. EvolveAR gives the couple a chance to have their 3D models made that instant, and share the Test code with their relatives. Everyone can then take a photo with the 3d image of the couple and even have it printed out to make it into the wedding album.

EvolveAR is not only making waves in Pakistani but also internationally. An international Australian brand Cecily Clune too used the services of EvolveAR to bring its amazing bags to life. The user can view the bags, drag the one they like on the screen and view every minute detail on their smartphone screens. They can zoom it in and out, and rotate it for a 360-degree view. If they like the product, they can buy it there and then!

EvolveAR is the next big thing in Pakistan. It has given a new shape and angle to the marketing concept in every industry. This is the way to the future for brands in the country.

How EvolveAR Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns
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How EvolveAR Can Improve Your Marketing Campaigns
Get improve your marketing strategies with EvolveAR . It is becoming the ultimate go-to AR solution for every brand in Pakistan and internationally.
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Evolve AR
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