Artificial intelligence was predicted the day the first computer was set to function. We all know how far technology can go and what it can do. It can, literally, reshape the future.

Be it robots, self-driving cars, medical machine wonders or Amazon Go’s ‘Just Walk Out’ sensors, Computer Vision is making its presence felt in every sector and field.

One of the first questions that a firm asks when using computer vision is how it will impact our business. One of the most perfect examples is facial recognition. This singular technology has a growth rate of $6.5 billion by 2019. It is making waves in social media, healthcare and even grocery stores.

Medical Advancement

Medical advancements are a welcome opportunity for doctors as well as patients. With more chances of diagnosing an abnormality means faster medication and relief. Facial recognition scans the face of the patient and measures their characteristics. These traits are then finalized and weighed on against several other symptoms for accurate diagnosis. This is a huge plus in medicine because it is helping the doctors to plan ahead and give the best care to their patients.

Privacy and Security

Snapchat has come up with a technology that spots unrelated people’s image. If that picture has a privacy setting, Snapchat hides their face with emoji. This is a huge step in terms of privacy because a lot of people do not want their stuff to be shared on social media. A combination of computer vision and image recognition are a welcomed step ahead in this dire need of privacy and security.

Biometric authentication

We all have seen someone’s password being hacked and to be honest it is not difficult to duplicate one as well. After the release of fingerprint scans as passwords, a lot of work has now been done in facial recognition as passwords. Artificial intelligence and computer vision are making a great effort in securing every bit of personal life that a consumer wants.

Image Clustering

Analysis of unstructured data is a difficult task. Facial recognition and computer vision apply image clusters to recognize the pictures and collect consumer date. It spots trends about celebrities that are generating news or are seen together. It helps segment a user’s profile and segment it accordingly.

We all want a secure world around us especially with so many social media platforms that have put our private lives in open. Computer vision is not just analyzing data but also serving as security technology which is why it is being welcomed and worked up for further improvements.