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Turn an Ordinary Class Into an Engaging Experience

Technology is a smart attractive concept for kids, why not using it for the good? We all know that we remember better what we saw than what we listen. With augmented reality, you can maximize the efficiency of students with a learning environment that’s more interactive than ever. EvolveAR is the ideal medium to engage students and allow learning to extend spaces beyond the traditional classroom. Mobile learning can be easily accessible anywhere, and it promotes self-learning, given its independent operational model.

The Benefits:
  • Accessible learning materials – anytime, anywhere
  • Higher student engagement and interest
  • Improved collaboration capabilities
  • A faster and more effective learning process
  • Safe and efficient workplace training
  • Universally applicable to any level of education and training

Why Use EvolveAR?

  • Engage - icon Engage

    students and capture their attention with interactive lessons.

  • Clarify - icon Clarify

    difficult concepts by going beyond a 2D handout, with the aid of a 3D model.

  • Empower - icon Empower

    students with the latest and most up to date digital interactive content.

Opening More Possibilities for Teachers and Students

Effective Training

In many cases, theoretical knowledge is not enough to obtain proper skills in professional areas. EvolveAR can help perform a virtual practice – with augmented tutorials, digital modeling, and simulations to acquire some experience in the end.

Engagement and Interaction

By incorporating Augmented Reality into lessons, teachers are able to involve students in the process with 3-dimensional models. It may be just a part of the lesson, like a brainteaser, or to support the main topic with extra information from a different perspective.

Engagement and Interaction
Faster Learning
Effective Learning Process

With full immersion of subject matter and visualizations, students can achieve better results. Since a picture speaks a thousand words so, rather reading theory about something, students can actually see it with their own eyes in action, making the learning process more effective and mesmerizing.

Higher Level Engagement

Augmented reality for education provides a gamified approach towards learning; making the leaning process fun and engaging. This serves a positive impact on the students and keeps them actively engaged throughout the lessons.

Higher Level Knowledge Transfer
Greater Level of Engagement
Accessible Learning

With augmented reality, students can learn anytime and anywhere from their smartphones. Augmented reality for education is the best way to replace papers, books, huge physical models etc.

Unlock The Possibilities

Harness The Impossible

Students can bring objects to the classroom that would not be possible in reality.

Perspective Control

Student can easily view 3D models at any angle, distance and scale within AR.

User Interaction

Students can interact with AR content to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.

AR Work

Enhanced Learning

Students can enhance classroom displays with AR content to bring them to life

Stimulate The Senses

Students can engage with a range of multi-sensory learning experiences using AR.

Boost Engagement

Students engage readily with AR content and are motivated to learn independently.

AR Work

Harness The Impossible

Perspective Control

User Interaction

Enhanced Learning

Stimulate The Senses

Boost Engagement

Encourage Learning Through Doing More

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