3D Scanning, Augmented Reality, And More

The EvolveAR Scanner provides a seamless connection point between consumers and your AR content. You just have to open the EvolveAR app; scan an image to unlock the magical augmented reality content.

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Easy to Use. Hard to Believe

With EvolveAR Scanner, the future is in your hands. Rapid scanning of objects, magazines, and print media enables your audience to experience immersive Augmented Reality content where fantasy almost becomes reality.

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Create your own AR experience, use EvolveAR Scanner app to test,
discover and share your AR experience with the world.

Custom App Solutions

Drive your sales and increase user engagement with augmented reality. EvolveAR’s optimized SDK is easy to install and integrates in a super easy way with EvolveAR Creator. With our custom app solution, you will be able to measure every user interaction, scan and share your EvolveAR campaign.

Additionally, our in-house app development team can build a custom scanning app that’s specifically designed for your business.

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Custom App Solutions

The World Is Evolving, Are You

Create engaging and immersive experiences right now!

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