HTC Vive pro

Not only for the gamer but getting a real-world scenario is the real deal for any consumer. Rarely do they get that with VR headsets because of slow refresh rate and resolutions that don’t exceed expectations?

However, the days of disappointment will soon be over, because HTC Vive and PlayStation VR have graduated to another level.

The real question is; which product is the best value for money. Let us find out!

HTC Vive Pro( Original price $799, with price drop $499)

Vive is known to be ‘head and shoulders’ above other headsets that are available in the market. The dual-OLED high res displays (2880 x 1600), exceptional 3D audio, 70 sensors, and various ports for connectivity are some of the main features of this device. Its graphics are termed as ‘gorgeous’ in the tech industry.

It will work like a charm on windows 8.1, and an AMD FX 8350 CPU or Intel Core i5-4590 processor. 4GB RAM would work just fine with at least AMD Radeon RX480 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. Need we say more?

Sony PlayStation VR ($400/$500)

Make no mistake, this high quality and affordable PlayStation VR is one of the premium headsets that one can buy. The futuristic design feels better to hold and enables a truly worthwhile VR experience. The exceptional 120 Hz refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 resolution, RGB OLED Display, and 100 degrees FOV, the gamers can say goodbye to minor glitches.

It also comes with a Dual Shock 4 controller, bundled earbuds, HDMI, USB port, PlayStation Eye tracking system, along with a Magnetometer. These sensors are just enough to balance one’s position.

Seems like both products are the finest in their own way. Which ones would you choose? Tell us in the comments below!

Best Value For Money: HTC Vive Pro Or Sony PlayStation VR
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Best Value For Money: HTC Vive Pro Or Sony PlayStation VR
In this article read reviews for HTC Vive pro or Playstation VR. If you are gamer and making your mind to purchase one of these than must read.
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