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Computer Vision has a broader scope than we all know. It is more than just collecting information and analyzing the image. It is more than just image recognition.

While it is an important part of computer vision, it is not the only thing performed. A human being uses less than 1/3rd of their brain, but the computer is super in this regard. It can see through the walls, in the dark, over very long distances and can quickly process mass volume in record time. It sure is a complex technology but not restricted to one purpose only. Let’s find out about the other things that Computer Vision can perform:

Big Data

Computer Vision has the ability to collect a huge amounts of data, more specific to what is required by it. From weather reports to traffic, it can access information through the cloud and tell whether a certain picture was taken on a sunny day or not. It can be used to track down shopping patterns of consumers, or used by people to keep track of their dog at home. Computer Vision in this regard gathers accurate insights which result in effective businesses, smarter homes, and safer vehicles.


Google Photos is the biggest example when it comes to geolocation. Identifying a certain place or a landmark greatly helps in accessing any real-time location. Furthermore, it also helps recognize any vehicle that is in front of the driver so he/she does not crash into it.


Vehicles use radar for safety purposes. A lot of companies are installing this specific feature in their cars to detect anything in front of them. Volvo has an animal detection feature which uses radar and camera to recognize the image in front of it. It warns the driver to stop the car if a bear, deer or any other animal is on the road.

Medical Imaging

Medicine has benefited greatly from computer vision. It is used in MRI, ultrasound, X-ray as well as in radiology. This helps in faster diagnosis and detecting abnormalities on time.


Sensors detect gas, motion, light, heat, temperature and air quality. Majority of buildings and houses use sensors nowadays to secure their homes. Be it monitoring systems or tracking customer movements, sensors are doing a good job in optimizing businesses.

Thermal Imaging

The human eye cannot see gas or heat. This can be a major cause of buildings being on fire. Thermal imaging advancements have helped a lot in this regard, especially in huge factories.

As stated above, Computer Vision is more than just detecting things or collecting data and analyzing it. It is a big part of artificial intelligence and is working towards a better future that humans are striving for.

Computer Vision Technology Is Not Only About Image Recognition
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Computer Vision Technology Is Not Only About Image Recognition
Computer vision technology is not only about image recognition. It is a big part of artificial intelligence and is working towards a better future.
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