computer vision technology

Gone is the time when Computer Vision was used only in large manufacturing companies. It is now accessible to every person using a smartphone.

The latest technological advancements in this area have helped millions of visually impaired people to be able to use Facebook like sighted people, to see through CV what we take for granted. Computer Vision has benefited many businesses and firms and has reduced their loss rate. Be it law enforcement, social media, pharma companies, or manufacturing firms, Computer Vision is the solution we have all been looking for.

The Social Media Experience

We all turn to one app whenever we feel the boredom: Snapchat. The app is the perfect example of Computer Vision that we all use on a daily basis. It might seem like a basic activity, but it relies heavily on Computer Vision calculations. It detects a large amount of data and then analyzes it to give the result we all enjoy. Even Pinterest has Computer Vision. They use Lens, the app that lets people know where the pair of shoe in the picture are sourced from.

Consumers and CV

Every bank in the world uses computer vision. The consumers take the photo of their check that the smartphone app detects and deposits money in return. Even home gadgets have computer vision software installed to detect any kind of leak coming from the house. The FridgeCam technology lets people know when their product is nearing its expiry date. Law enforcement agencies use it to detect criminals on a daily basis.

Computer Vision and Security

The US law enforcement scans license plates on a daily basis of more than 48000 cars. This enables them to regulate traffic rules and also track down any stolen vehicle. The agencies also use the face detection software to recognize criminals. CV is helping secure our homes and helping agencies to make a safer world around us.

CV and Predictive Maintenance

One of the main beneficiaries of CV are the manufacturing companies who have to deal with a lot of big machines for success. Even a slight bit of delay or fault in the production line can be costly for the firm. Computer Vision helps detect any kind of fault or maintenance required in the machine beforehand so that the firm can take care of it.

Who knew that this piece of technology could be so easily accessible to everyone! On one hand it is a recipe to cure boredom, on the other hand it is helping to regulate rules and catching criminals. We will just have to wait and see what more can be done with this brilliant technology.